2018 05 23%20goulash

A Goulash Party tonight

Dinner tonight did not disappoint with a great beef goulash on rice with green house salad. The kitchen staff were busy all day creating this masterpiece and are thankful for each of them for their hard work! If you... Read More


Panko Chicken dinner

Thanks for joining us for dinner tonight - we loved having you over and hope you all enjoyed the panko crusted chicken with salad and remarkable roasted potatoes! Thanks so much to our friends at RBC - Michelle,... Read More

2018 05 09%20koreanbeef%20shortbread

Have a beef with our dinner tonight? Awesome!

Another great night with a new delicious menu item - Korean Beef bowls on a bed of rice served with a side of spicy cabbage salad. The beautiful dinner was topped off with chocolate-drizzled shortbread cookies. This... Read More

Img 5081%20rbc

Dinner this week at FFL

This week's meal was great (unless you have peanut allergies!) :) We dined on Thai chicken satay skewers topped with an amazing peanut sauce accompanied by coconut ginger rice and Thai quinoa cabbage salad. For... Read More

2018 04 25%20meatloaf

Tonight's meal was a delicious dinner

The sun was out today and we were so glad that you joined us for a great meal. We enjoyed meatloaf with thyme-seasoning topped with a rich cream sauce on rice along with a colourful and zesty corn salad with a... Read More

2018 04 18sweet%20orange%20%26%20peanut%20chicken

Another great meal tonight at FFL

Our friends from RCACS (655 Richmond Air Cadet Squadron) came to assist with serving and cleaning up again. In addition we had Richmond Christian's SALT group who made our parfait desserts for our guests tonight.... Read More


Spaghetti Squared

Tonight's meal was a bit of deja vu as we got to enjoy spaghetti & cupcakes twice tonight - well, the normal version and a sweet version! Spaghetti & meatballs with a side of caesar salad for dinner as well... Read More

Img 4974

Naan better than the meal tonight

What a delicious meal that Ruth prepared for us tonight! She made a Chicken Tikka Masala served over basmati rice with Raita, a refreshing cucumber salad, and naan bread. The cheesecake dessert was generously... Read More

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Easter extravaganza

An exciting night to be here for dinner. A brown sugar Dijon-glazed pork loin with carrots, apples and sweet potatoes served on jasmine rice. Our beautiful Easter cupcakes were lovingly made by Tori tonight! Another... Read More

Img 4526

Dinner tonight @ FFL

Our regular cook had the night off so we are extremely Thankful that Luke and a group from Tapestry Church stepped up to prepare dinner for us; spaghetti with tomato meatsauce, caesar salad and garlic toast. They... Read More