You are invited to a free dinner Wednesdays (Sept-June) at 6:00pm at Church on Five. Join us for a delicious meal and friendly table conversation with friends from the community. 

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If you're looking to volunteer your time or assist us financially, talk to Wayne M or contact the office: [email protected]

We are so proud to be able to serve the community with these dinners since 2010 and look forward to many more with you.



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Dinner tonight @ FFL

Our regular cook had the night off so we are extremely Thankful that Luke and a group from Tapestry Church stepped up to prepare dinner for us; spaghetti with tomato meatsauce, caesar salad and garlic toast. They... Read More

2018 03 14%20borscht

Can't 'beet' this Borscht!

Tonight our cook made a delicious hearty borscht soup with a dash of sour cream! What a great meal to fill us up and appreciate you all for coming out tonight. We also wanted to thank the Discipleship team from the... Read More

2018 02 28%20chicken

Food For Life @ Church On Five

Glad you all could make it out tonight for dinner! We enjoyed a great meal of crispy buttermilk chicken, broccoli & cheddar quinoa and a caesar salad on the side. What a great meal prepared by the volunteers and... Read More

1280px bowl of chili

A chilly night for chili

It was a relatively quiet night at FFL tonight with the snow falling and the roads freezing! We're glad that you came out and hopefully got home safe and sound. For dinner we had two great cooks making comfort food... Read More

2018 02 14%20orange%20chicken

Happy Valentines Day!

What a great night to spend with those that we love. So glad that you could come out and have dinner with us tonight. The dinner we enjoyed tonight was a cranberry-orange chicken served over jasmine rice along with... Read More

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Super bowl of Thai curry

A touchdown of a meal tonight with a Thai coconut curry served over steamed jasmine rice. We were lucky enough to have delicious cheesecakes for dessert donated by our friends at Daiya foods. Also a huge thanks to... Read More

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Chicken-lickin Power bowl

Our cook and her merry band of helpers prepared a captivating quinoa power bowl with beans and sweet potato. This was accompanied with a pleasing panko-crusted chicken.  Our dessert was a blueberry crumble was also... Read More

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Welcome to 2018!

We’re glad you joined us tonight on our first dinner of 2018! Another big Thanks to Richmond Christian’s SALT program for making delicious Thumbprint cookies for our meal.  Our cook used fresh bread to make an... Read More


Last night at FFL for 2017

What a great end to our 2017 year with a great contribution from all our volunteers, our musicians, our guests and especially our cook. He put so much effort into this meal tonight and we are so appreciative of his... Read More

2017 12 06%20pork%20and%20fritter

A great night for dinner @ FFL

This is our second last night before our Christmas break but we were happy to see you all out tonight. Dinner was pork shoulder in a lemongrass marinade, braised with butterbut squash in a coconut curry sauce.... Read More

2017 11 29%20meatloaf

Marvelous Meatloaf

A great evening serving 200 people tonight. We had volunteers from Burnett High school as well as our Richmond 32nd Scouts troop. We are so grateful for them coming to help us out tonight. Dinner was an amazing... Read More

2017 11 22%20ginger%20%26%20soy%20pork

David's Dragon bowls

Tonight's meal was a fiery braised pork dragon bowl. A Japanese-style ginger & soy pork shogoyaki with steamed veggies on lemongrass coconut rice with Naam miso gravy, shredded carrots & beets. Thanks to... Read More

2017 11 15%20meatballs

The Delectable Dinner

The rain didn't stop many of you from coming out to dinner. Tonight's marvelous meal consisted of meatballs in pan gravy served on garlic parmesan mashed potatoes and mushy peas. Our rice krispie squares were... Read More

2017 11 08%20beef%20brisket?sha=3a9838ec7b3c7234

A Brisket, A Brasket....

Just when you thought the meal couldn't get any better from last week! Tonight's slow braised beef brisket in a delicious gravy with a pickled red onion relish was poetic. This tender treat was served over an... Read More

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Comfort food night at FFL

If you were at Food for Life tonight you were treated to a great meal! It was a tasty take from our cook who took the basics of mac & cheese to a whole new level. Layered with a crunchy bread crumb and Cheezie... Read More

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A busy night at FFL

What a busy but great night tonight at Church on Five. We were so lucky to have volunteers from Stuart Olson not only helping with serving our guests but  also making a monetary donation that will go directly to... Read More

FFL is cancelled for Wednesday October 18th

Due to some unforeseen circumstances with our building we have had to cancel tonight’s dinner service at the church.  Please alert your friends and neighbours! Thanks and see you next week.  Read More

2017 10 11%20thai%20curry

Our meal tonight at Food For Life

Thank you for joining us tonight! The fall weather has started to settle in with the cold so all the reason to have a hearty Thai Yellow curry pork and squash with coconut rice. Dessert was a black forest cake... Read More

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Thai chicken salad bowls

Tonight we had a great meal consisting of roasted chicken thighs in a lemongrass marinade served on a bed of steamed coconut jasmine rice. All this served with a shredded cabbage salad garnished with a nam pork... Read More

2017 09 27%20meatballs?sha=0780fa1a3ca7ffc8

Dinner @ FFL this week

This week we enjoyed a delicious plate of Kofta Curry meatballs served with cardamom-scented rice and peas. The topper was an awesome coconut mint cilantro chutney. Dessert was an assortment of scrumptious cookies... Read More