A communal gathering from all walks of life...

We love Sunday mornings!  It's a chance to gather together as a community of believers to offer ourselves in worship to the Lord.  We come from various backgrounds, different parts of the city, with different perspectives on church... but we all come to meet with God.  We are committed to placing Jesus back in the centre of our lives again, we are desiring to hear from Him, we wrestle with the things that get in the way of this, we respond with gratitude to the Lord's grace, and we leave refreshed and ready to be sent out into the world again. 

Okay... let's be honest.  This doesn't always happen with every single person that walks through our doors!  We are human and we struggle.  Sometimes we resist and don't want to surrender.  Other times we're just tired and discouraged and it's a real effort to come at all.  And then there are others who can't wait to get here to sing and offer praises, to seek and to hear from God.  And others still, who are somewhere in between.

And that's the beauty of it.  We're all in it together, no matter what's going on.  We value authenticity and the freedom to be ourselves.  We're working through things and figuring life out.  Coming on Sunday mornings to worship helps us remember Who our focus is, encourages us to persevere, and challenges us to take risks and step out in faith. We know we're not perfect, but we also know we are loved.  And for those who struggle with all these things... you'd fit right in!  

Give us a try!  You'll receive a warm welcome at the door and an invitation to grab a cup of coffee before our worship service begins at 10:00 a.m.  When our celebration service begins, you will be invited to enter into a time of worship, encountering God in a variety of ways that helps us make sense of our world as we look at it through the filter of God's Word.  And... there's more coffee and food after the service!

We love kids and our elementary school kids are dismissed part way through the service to our Kids program. Click here for details

We are in the process of getting our nursery and preschool ministry up and running, but in the meantime... babies and children are always welcome to remain in the service.