Two Churches have become one! In the fall of 2016, two churches (The Way and Richmond Bethel) residing next door to one another became one church worshipping and serving together. Over the course of several months, it became very evident that the Lord was leading both our churches to join together and start a brand new church. Looking back, we believe God was preparing us before the idea was even spoken out loud and it is now very clear that He has continued to lead us to "such a time as this" when we can now declare our new church has launched!

As we continue to move forward together at CHURCH ON FIVE, we are excited to see where God is taking us next. We are stepping into what the Lord has already shown us and cannot wait to see what unfolds.  We look back at the last year and see how God has already blessed us more than we could imagine and we believe He is with us every step of the way.

If you are reading this, we ask that you take a moment and pray for us as we continue to seek the Lord's guidance and direction.

We can do this...together...with God at the forefront! May He continue to bless His new work abundantly! 

A little bit of history about both churches...

Richmond Bethel Church

Although Richmond Bethel Church was officially formed in 1970, we have a heritage as part of the Mennonite Brethren that goes back to the mid-1500's. We are a Bible believing church whose lives have been changed because of the person of Jesus Christ.  Very quickly, the church expanded and relocated to its current address of 10200 No. 5 Road.  In 1975, a Christian school was launched on the same site.  Over the next 20 years, the church housed a daycare centre and formed a sister church on-site with the Richmond Chinese MB Church.  In March, 1997, an expanded campus opened with joint facilities for Richmond Bethel Church, Richmond Chinese MB Church and Richmond Christian School.  

The Way Church

The Way Church was a relatively young church plant started in 2006.  In response to a call to start a church that ministered to people who "didn't like church" and to offer the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in a relevant and contemporary way, a group of people began to gather together for worship at the Town and Country Inn.  We are a Bible believing congregation who firmly believe that the life-changing message of Jesus is what our city desperately needs to hear. The church grew relatively quickly and relocated its Sunday morning worship service to Richmond Riverport Theatre while maintaining a Ministry Centre during the week at The River Club. The Way Church felt they needed to be part of a governing body and joined the Christian Missionary Alliance denomination.  

As the church went through some upheaval, they moved out of the theatres and began to meet on Sunday mornings at Richmond Christian School.  It was here they found themselves next door to Richmond Bethel Church, where unbeknownst to both entities, would one day become one church.  Over the years, both churches shared many things including events, sound equipment, and even people.

Church on Five

In 2016, after much prayer and discussion, Richmond Bethel Church joined together with The Way Church to form a brand new church named "Church on Five".  Both churches believed that each congregation brought complimentary gifting, resources and leadership into the new church and that together we would be able to accomplish much more for the Kingdom than on our own.  Both churches are committed doing whatever it takes to follow God's leading.  As a result, The Way Church left the Christian Missionary Alliance denomination to join the Mennonite Brethren denomination that Richmond Bethel is part of.  Richmond Bethel opened its doors and welcomed The Way into their building and both churches are sharing all resources.  It has been an exciting time as we get to know one another, embrace our new identity and we are looking forward to seeing where God leads us from here.