We are encouraging everyone at CO5 to invite their friends, co-workers, schoolmates, and family to help fundraise for the Rally For Adam!  Here are a few examples of what you can do:
  • Are you good at making crafts?  Can you turn your talent into a fundraiser by selling your product?
  • Are you athletic?  Can you use this talent to create a fundraiser by hosting a sports competition?
  • Are you a good cook?  Can you offer baking, meals or even cooking lessons to raise money?
  • Are you already involved in something that you can use the proceeds to donate to the Rally for Adam? (i.e. teaching a fitness class, part of a sports team or other organization, etc)
Here are some opportunities CO5 has already set up for you to participate in. The purpose of these events are to help you reach outside of CO5 and engage others to help support the Rally for Adam:

CYCLING FOR ADAM:  Saturday, October 24 at 9:00am.  Meet at Church On Five.  Rain or shine.
A 100 km bike ride through the streets of Richmond and Vancouver.  You can do the whole ride or just part of it depending on your cycling level.  Go at your own speed.  It is not a race.  Invite your friends to sponsor you or ride with you.  They can donate a lump sum or commit to $1.00 per km.  They can donate by giving cash, writing a cheque or going online to our website.  Instructions for giving online are on our Rally For Adam page.  For more info, contact

Why not host a small Bubble Group event?! Let's take advantage of our smaller sized gatherings and invite our bubble group into the Rally For Adam fundraiser?!  It could be an outdoor BBQ or a meeting in a park, all physically distanced of course.  If it is an indoor gathering, please limit your number of people to your indoor bubble.  Or if you want to expand your gathering, make it online event.  Get creative - deliver dessert to your invited guests and plan to meet them online at a certain time.  Show them the Story of Adam video and direct them to our website to donate to the Rally for Adam.

Ruth - our in-house chef and baker is creating fabulous pies, loafs and cookies for the fall season! Click here to download your order form and invite your friends and family outside CO5 to pre-order delicious treats.  Ideal for freezing for the holiday season!