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A die-hard Vancouver Canucks fan might feel awkward cheering for their team in Boston. Their enthusiasm would be no less but they might sense some intimidation. It is hard to show your colours when they don’t match your surroundings. Go ask Elijah. 

Here is a prophet who raised his voice for God, even though he was in the minority.  Elijah’s people and king wavered between God and Baal. With courage, Elijah raised his prophetic message - even when he thought he was the only one.  Have you ever felt like that?

Our dates are different but our times are the same. You have noticed by now, that most people ignore God and walk on a path of their own making. So we hear of culture wars and debates about the place of religion in our day. We may feel pressure to walk quietly on the Christian path and keep to ourselves. Elijah whispers for us to join him. 

Over the next few weeks we will look at this prophet’s example. How do we speak and live for God in a world with different voices and directions? We live in a hard place, but have God our Rock beside us.