Welcome to Church on Five

Transform. Grow. Thrive.



In his book "Celebration of Discipline", author Richard Foster writes 

“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people,

or gifted people, but for deep people.”

At Church on Five, we want to be about movement, not apathy.  We desire depth and authenticity, not superficiality.  We feel called to become better people.  We do not want to settle for convenience or second best.  We want to make an impact - a positive impact on the neighbourhood that surrounds our church, as well as in the unique places we each find ourselves. 

To that end, we are shedding status quo and pursuing growth.  And not just any kind of growth - we want the kind of growth that encompasses all of life - spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and relational well being.  

All of life is sacred.  God is deeply interested in every part of us and in all that we do.  He desires well being in every aspect of our lives and he is calling us to live wholeheartedly.  

It is time... to GET YOUR THRIVE ON!  Let's not merely survive. Instead, let's become people who thrive.  Let's go deep, let's go hard, let's get serious about this and make a difference in this world!

Check our website for opportunities to grow!

Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:00 a.m.

Food4Life, Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m.

Learning Communities for all ages 


Our Pastoral Search has begun! Click here for info on a Lead Pastor position