Turn our eyes from worthless things, and give us life through your word.
Psalm 119:37

Why say yes to a digital fast?

We know from science and personal experience that our devices are consuming more of our attention, and yet, as a society, we are more disconnected, lonely, distracted and overwhelmed in our daily lives, with our phones only causing these factors to rise.

Fasting is a practice of our Christian faith that is meant to:
  • increase our hunger for God in humble dependence
  • For us to find our satisfaction in him above all else

 In this Digital Fast, we will  seek God first from setting aside our devices in order to deepen our relationship with
  • Our God, in scripture and prayer
  • being fully present with the people around us
  • with the purpose God has for us in our city

Our deep hope is that, through this fast, we will experience more peace and life through connection with Jesus and the people around us.

Fasting Options

1. Full digital Fast (March 1-31)
  • Make your smartphone dump. Move anything off your phone that you can do on you computer.
    • Think about your apps in terms of "distraction" vs. "utility." Ask yourself, "Is this distracting me (or supposed to distract me) or is this something useful?"
      • Examples of distraction: email, social media, news apps, games, a web browser, video, and shopping apps
      • Examples of utility: phone, text, calendar, airline apps, building/garage access, camera, weather
  • Eliminate screens for personal use andenjoyment.
    •  Examples: gaming devices, streaming services, cable television, etc.
  • Limit digital technology to work apps during work hours on your work devices. Commit to no work outside of work hours.

2. Modified Digital Fast (March 1-31)
  • Move anything off your phone for work or whatever you can accomplish on a computer.
  • Fast from entertainment through digital technology and your devices for a specific number of days during the week.
  • For all other entertainment technology, consider fasting all but certain days of the week.

3. Do you practice Lent? Choose your fasting option for the full 40 days of Lent.