Food for Life Community Meal

September through June, join us every Wednesday for a homemade nutritious meal and a community of people who care for one another.  Dinner is served at 6pm.

We all want to make a difference

Serving others brings meaning and connection to our lives.  Our volunteers are incredible people from our city  who want to make Richmond a better place to live.  

Richmond Food Bank Depot

Are you in need of food assistance? The Richmond Food Bank will be offering an off-site depot from 4:30PM-5:30PM on Wednesdays at our church.  To access these services, please bring identification in order to register.

After Hours Outreach in Richmond

Six nights a week, hot meals are delivered to 80-90 houseless individuals who are part of our Richmond community, as well as meeting other essential needs and offering crisis work.  This amazing work is done by Richmond's After Hours Outreach caseworker, Hugh Freiberg.

Support After Hours Outreach

  • Pray for the 80-90 houseless individuals in Richmond, and for energy for Hugh as he is working late every night
  • Advocate for affordable housing
  • Give towards supporting this work at Church on Five by designating towards "Food Aid Delivery"

Refugee Resettlement

With the displacement of Afghani's and Ukrainians, the need for refugee sponsorship is great, and as Christians, we care for the stranger and extend radical hospitality.  As we welcome and care for a refugee family, there are many different opportunities to serve, including hands-on with the family and behind-the-scenes.

Partnering with Single Parent Families

We know that single parent families face unique challenges, and we want to partner and come alongside in 4 practical ways:
- assistance for financial needs
- support with meals
- house and car maintenance
- one-to-one relational support

If you are a single parent and would be interested in learning more, please contact Pastor Rachel below for more information.


The Bible tells us that the church is a new family that sacrifices and cares for one another.  In meeting each others needs, we know the love and provision of God and his people.  If there is a tangible way that we can help you with a necessity, which could include assistance with an essential bill, food resources, or assistance with the cost of counseling, please contact us below.