Resources for Q and A on Mental Health
on March 5th, 2023
Here are some helpful resources on some of the topics that we covered in the Q and A on mental health.How to make a Rule of life - free pdf guidePause app for prayer Book Recommendation: Emotionally healthy discipleship - on amazonJohann Hari 9 causes of anxiety and depression book notesJohann Hari - Lost Connections book - on amazon Mike Macneil (Rachel's dad) - blog on needing God as our healer...  Read More
Q and A: Is it okay to attend my gay friend's wedding?
on November 23rd, 2022
Here's some thoughts for this question, which in full, is:To support a non-believer who invites a Christian to their same-sex wedding, do you show love and support by going (person is aware of my beliefs and convictions) or would attending be wrong?Watch the response video.We love hearing your thoughts and questions. You can submit anonymous questions here ...  Read More
Resources on Holiness and Sexuality
on November 13th, 2022
For those looking for additional resources on holiness and sexualityBooks: About Christians and SexualityLove Thy Body - Nancy PearceyDoes God Care Who I Sleep With? - Sam AllberryEmbodied - Preston Sprinkle (on Christianity and Transgender Identities)Holy Sexuality and the Gospel - Christopher YuanBooks on Forgiveness in MarriageForgiving what you Can't Forget - Lysa TerkeurstIt's not Suppose To ...  Read More
Reading Through the Bible - Week 32
on August 23rd, 2021
Welcome to Week 32Monday: Read 1 Chronicles 25-29, Psalm 70.Tuesday Read 2 Chronicles 1-4, Psalm 71.Wednesday: Read 2 Chronicles 5-8, Psalm 72. Watch Temple.Thursday: Read 2 Chronicles 9-12, Psalm 73.Friday: Read 2 Chronicles 13-17, Psalm 74.Saturday: Read 2 Chronicles 18-20, Psalm 75.Sunday: Read 2 Chronicles 21-24, Psalm 76....  Read More
Reading Through the Bible - Week 28
on July 21st, 2021
Welcome to Week 28!Monday: Read Ezekiel 16-18, Psalm 35. Tuesday: Read Ezekiel 19-21, Psalm 36. Wednesday: Read Ezekiel 22-24, Psalm 37. Thursday: Read Ezekiel 25-27, Psalm 38. Friday: Read Ezekiel 28-30, Psalm 39. Saturday: Read Ezekiel 31-33, Psalm 40. Sunday: Read Ezekiel 34-36, Psalm 41. Watch Ezekiel 34-48....  Read More
Reading Through the Bible - Week 27
on July 12th, 2021
Welcome to Week 27Monday: Read Lamentations 1-2, Psalm 28. Watch Lamentations.Tuesday Read Lamentations 3, Psalm 29Wednesday: Read Lamentations 4-5, Psalm 30Thursday: Read Ezekiel 1-4, Psalm 31. Watch Ezekiel 1-33.Friday: Read Ezekiel 5-8, Psalm 32. Watch Bad Word Series: Sin.Saturday: Read Ezekiel 9-12, Psalm 33. Watch Bad Word Series: Transgression.Sunday: Read Ezekiel 13-15, Psalm 34. Watch Bad...  Read More
Reading Through the Bible - Week 21
on May 31st, 2021
Welcome to Week 21!Monday: Read Job 4-7, Psalm 136. Tuesday: Read Job 8-11, Psalm 137.Wednesday: Read Job 12-15, Psalm 138.Thursday: Read Job 16-19, Psalm 139.Friday: Read Job 20-23, Psalm 140.Saturday: Read Job 24-28, Psalm 141.Sunday: Read Job 29-31, Psalm 142. Blog Post: Understanding the Book of JobPodcast: How God Replies to Job's Suffering...  Read More
Reading Through the Bible - Week 20
on May 24th, 2021
Welcome to Week 20!Day 1: Read Jonah, Psalm 129. Watch Jonah.Day 2: Read Micah 1-4, Psalm 130. Watch Micah.Day 3: Read Micah 5-7, Psalm 131.Day 4: Read Nahum, Psalm 132. Watch Nahum.Day 5: Read Habakkuk, Psalm 133. Watch Habakkuk.Day 6: Read Zephaniah, Psalm 134. Watch Zephaniah.Day 7: Read Job 1-3, Psalm 135. Watch Job.Blog: How does God use evil to destroy evil?Podcast: God's Mercy on our enemy...  Read More
Food for Life Summer Grant
on May 18th, 2021
Food for Life is our weekly community dinner in which we cook and serve nutritious meals that are available to all people in Richmond and greater Vancouver.  During Covid, we are serving takeout meals twice a week.Are you:1. passionate about making a difference in the community?2.  age 15-30Primary Job Duties Include:- Serving Dinner and interacting with our Guests on Wednesday from 5-8p and Thurs...  Read More
Reading Through the Bible - Week 19
on May 17th, 2021
Welcome to week 19!Monday: Read Hosea 1-5, Psalm 122. Watch Hosea.Tuesday: Read Hosea 6-10, Psalm 123. Wednesday: Read Hosea 11-14, Psalm 124. Thursday Read Joel, Psalm 125. Watch Joel.Friday: Read Amos 1-5, Psalm 126. Watch Amos.Saturday: Read Amos 6-9, Psalm 127. Sunday: Read Obadiah, Psalm 128. Watch Obadiah. Blog Post: Hosea and Amos, Two Sides of Covenant FailurePodcast: What God Wants From U...  Read More
Reading Through the Bible - Week 18
on May 10th, 2021
Welcome to Week 18!Monday: Read Isaiah 45-48, Psalm 119:33-64. Tuesday: Read Isaiah 49-51, Psalm 119:65-96. Watch Compassion.Wednesday: Read Isaiah 52-54, Psalm 119:97-128. Watch Gospel of the Kingdom.Thursday: Read Isaiah 55-57, Psalm 119:129-152. Friday: Read Isaiah 58-60, Psalm 119:153-176. Saturday: Read Isaiah 61-64, Psalm 120. Sunday Read Isaiah 65-66, Psalm 121. Watch Isaiah 40-66....  Read More
Reading Through the Bible - Week 17
on May 3rd, 2021
Welcome to Week 17!Monday: Read Isaiah 18-22, Psalm 113. Watch Divine Council.Tuesday: Read Isaiah 23-27, Psalm 114. Watch Angels and Cherubim.Wednesday: Read Isaiah 28-30, Psalm 115. Watch Angel of the Lord.Thursday: Read Isaiah 31-35, Psalm 116. Watch The Satan and Demons.Friday: Read Isaiah 36-38, Psalm 117. Watch The New Humanity.Saturday: Read Isaiah 39-41, Psalm 118. Watch Isaiah 1-39.Sunday...  Read More