Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in Heaven

Matthew 6:10

We come alive in the presence of God, and are meant to live everyday in communion with him.  Dedicating ourselves to prayer is partnering with God for his kingdom to come in and through us.

Tuesdays is prayer and fasting

Jesus says, "When you fast..." (Matthew 6:16)  Fasting is part of the life that Jesus calls us to and is praying with our bodies and is a practice of pursuing deeper dependence on God.  This past June, we set aside  every Tuesday to pray and fast  for the spiritual renewal of our city, beginning with us.

Whether you choose to fast a meal, a day, or are joining into prayer but are not able to fast, on Tuesdays across the city, know that there are others lifting up the prayer requests in our church and people in our community. 

For weekly encouragement, practical tips, or other questions, please email Pastor Deb at

Prayer Requests


Every Sunday at 9:15am in the Prayer Room
All are welcome to come and pray for what Jesus will do  as we gather.