Reading through the Bible 2023

Reading the Bible is a vital part of growing with God, like food for our soul.  The Bible is a library of books of how God has been present and acting in history; it is also the living word where, as we read, we encounter Jesus.  

If you would like to carry the Bible on your phone, download 
The Bible App.
This year, we are reading through the Bible together as a church.
As you read each chapter, ask: What is God saying?  Is there something that I need to obey?
Monday: Luke 10 & Proverbs 6
Tuesday: Luke 11 & Proverbs 7
Wednesday:Luke 12 & Proverbs 8
Thursday:Luke 13 & Proverbs 9
Friday: Luke 14 & Proverbs 10

next steps of faith 


Baptism is a public declaration of your decision to follow Jesus and your belonging to him and his church.  Jesus asks all his followers to be baptized and it is a powerful symbol of laying down our old lives and being raised to new life with Jesus.

Our next baptism will take place onOctober 29.

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