Resources on Holiness and Sexuality

For those looking for additional resources on holiness and sexuality

Books: About Christians and Sexuality
Love Thy Body - Nancy Pearcey
Does God Care Who I Sleep With? - Sam Allberry
Embodied - Preston Sprinkle (on Christianity and Transgender Identities)
Holy Sexuality and the Gospel - Christopher Yuan

Books on Forgiveness in Marriage
Forgiving what you Can't Forget - Lysa Terkeurst
It's not Suppose To Be This Way - Lysa Terkeurst
Forgive - Tim Keller

Books: By Christians identifying with LGBTQ
Washed and Waiting - Wesley Hill
The Secular Creed by Rebecca McLaughlin
Is God Anti-Gay? - Sam Allberry
A War of Loves - David Bennett
Jackie Hill Perry - Gay girl, Good God

Christians who speak/write from within the LGBTQ Community and witness to the historical understanding of Christian sexuality. Many have testimonies on youtube.

Wesley Hill
Sam Allberry
Jackie Hill Perry
Rebecca McLaughlin
Rosaria Butterfield
Eve Tushnet
David Bennett
Christopher Yuan
Sean Doherty
Matt Jones
Ron Belgau
Nate Collins
Bekah Mason
Jonathan Bryden
Bridget Eileen Rivera
Nate Collins
Gregory Coles
Tim Otto
Henri Nouwen

Helpful Articles
Preston Sprinkle: 15 affirming arguments and 15 historical responses
Sean Doherty

The Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender -
 - Resources on parenting LGBTQ Kids

Theology in the Raw Podcast
Jon Tyson - Jesus and the Gay Community
Jon Tyson - Jesus, Gender, and the Trans Community 

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