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Hello Church!  Our ministry leaders have been working to put a plan before you as we are able to gather in smaller groups.  We are grateful for this opportunity (for those who are comfortable) as community is central to our faith and church, and we now know what a privilege it is to share our lives in person, whether in community groups, friendship, or weekend services. 
  • We are planning for June 7 to be our first date of holding in-person services (in addition to online) abiding by the government guidelines of under 50 people.  We will begin with two services at 9a and 10:45am.  We have further plans for additional services as needed. 
  • This will mean that, in the coming weeks, we will be asking everyone register for a specific service on  our website and to attend the service that they register for.
  • We will also be looking for every opportunity to facilitate connection in smaller groups for those who are ready to gather, both indoor and outdoors.
  • We are putting detailed plans in place for safety and sanitation in our facility.
  • Online services will continue at this time to minister to members of our family who are vulnerable or prefer to avoid gatherings
  • One way that you can help us plan is to answer a few survey questions we have included in the link below.
In the days and weeks ahead, as we put strategies in place and gather data from the survey, we will communicate a comprehensive and detailed plan. As always, we welcome any questions that you may have.

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