Reading Through the Bible - Week 2

This week , beginning January 18, we're studying Genesis 25-45.
It's been a packed first week of reading the Bible together. Last week we saw how God appointed humanity to rule the world as his image-bearers and how they rebelled by seizing autonomy and defining good and evil for themselves. After this, the world begins to spin out of control. It's easy to lose hope, but God doesn't let human evil get the final word. We are introduced to Abraham and told that somehow God will use this family to restore humanity to a place of divine blessing. God makes a covenant with Abraham to confirm that he will not go back on his word. This week we learn more about Abraham and the early descendants of his family line.

 - Bible Project

Week 2 Podcast: Wrestling with God
P.S. Want to dive deeper? Check out this video & blog post on understanding God's name 

Day 1: Read Genesis 25-28, Psalm 8. Watch Image of God
Day 2: Read Genesis 29-31, Psalm 9. Watch The Book of Genesis Part 2
Day 3: Read Genesis 32-34, Psalm 10.
Day 4: Read Genesis 35-37, Psalm 11.
Day 5: Read Genesis 38-40, Psalm 12.
Day 6: Read Genesis 41-42, Psalm 13.
Day 7: Read Genesis 43-45, Psalm 14.

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