Reading Through the Bible - Week 9

Reading Through the Bible - Week 9

After forty years of wilderness wandering, a new generation is almost ready to enter the promised land. Let's take a moment to reflect on everything that has happened so far in the story.

God promised Abraham that through his family, he would restore all the nations of the world to his blessing. Abraham's descendants became enslaved in Egypt, but God rescued them and brought them to Mount Sinai, where he entered into a covenant with the nation of Israel. Sadly, Israel broke that covenant at Mount Sinai (remember the golden calf incident?). God then disqualified the Exodus generation from entering the promised land, making them wander for forty years in the wilderness.

At this point in the story, Moses offers the children of the Exodus generation many words of warning and wisdom as they prepare to cross into the promised land. Without further ado, let's wrap up Deuteronomy and hear Moses teach the Torah to this new generation.

Day 1: Read Deuteronomy 13-14, Psalm 57. Watch Lev/Heart
Day 2: Read Deuteronomy 15-16, Psalm 58. Watch Nephesh/Soul
Day 3: Read Deuteronomy 17-20, Psalm 59. Watch Me'od/Strength
Day 4: Read Deuteronomy 21-23, Psalm 60.
Day 5: Read Deuteronomy 24-27, Psalm 61. 
Day 6: Read Deuteronomy 28-29, Psalm 62.
Day 7: Read Deuteronomy 30-31, Psalm 63.

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Podcast - Making Sense of Divine Violence

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