Discipleship Journey 2021

This year, we want to invite you into a discipleship journey that we will be taking as a church.  We will be reading the Bible in a year together along with amazing resources from The Bible Project.  Though this is something that every individual can participate in, the best way to engage would be in a group, and this is where we receive belonging, challenge, and accountability, and this is the way of Jesus.

The amazing thing about this is that there is no better way to pursue discipleship than building a life-long habit of reading the Bible and learning to hear from God.  The Bible Project provides excellent resources that will reach every generation including
- a daily Bible Reading plan
- a weekly podcast
- a Bible Study Guide for groups
- brilliant 5 minute animated videos

We are going to begin this together on Monday, and new people can jump in at any time.
You can receive the full plan in our newsletter, on our church blog, or directly in your inbox by signing up at The Bible Project

See this example of Week 1’s Plan from The Bible Project

Day 1: Read Genesis 1–3, Psalm 1. Watch Genesis 1–11
Day 2: Read Genesis 4–7, Psalm 2. Watch Image of God
Day 3: Read Genesis 8-11, Psalm 3. Watch The Book of Genesis Part 1
Day 4: Read Genesis 12-15, Psalm 4. Watch Genesis 12–50
Day 5: Read Genesis 16-18, Psalm 5. Watch Covenants
Day 6: Read Genesis 19–21, Psalm 6. Watch What is the Bible?
 (If you miss some of the readings, don't feely badly, just keep going!   The videos are a great way to stay caught up and learn about larger themes in the Bible.)

Week One Podcast: 15 Minutes // Why God Gave Choice
Week One Bible Study Guide

Explore More  Genesis 1 and ancient cosmic geography.

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